Product introduction

Robot welding, equipped with fiber laser, high-performance laser welding head, high-definition CCD vision system and world-class brand robots. It can be equipped with different models of configuration, such as laser 70-6000w, which can be configured according to different needs of customers. Flexible welding methods and configurations enable him to fully meet the current high-quality welding processes in the industry.

  • International top brand robot body, high precision and fast speed.
  • Six-axis linkage, automatic system adjustment, keep the best welding posture in any space, strengthen welding quality.
  • Provide remote training services, you can get started quickly without operating the foundation, and the robot welding software can be developed again.
  • Personalized customization, one-to-one design by the R&D team for different materials and different shapes of products.
  • The perfect combination of the high-definition vision system and light source fixed focus system, more convenient to use.