Product Introduction

The dust cover can prevent dust, chips, and hard sand particles from entering the track, reduce the damage of the hard granular foreign matter on the sliding track surface, and reduce the impact of the guide rail on the machining accuracy due to operation deformation, maintain the machining accuracy of the machine, and extend its service life.


  • No deformation, long service life, good sealing, and light operation.
  • Stretchable and compressible, the ratio of the draw ratio can be greater than 10:1.
  • Uses special materials, can resist coolant, and is resistant to oil, abrasive wheel foam and high temperature.
  • Long shroud and low compression.



  • 3015 :3000*1500mm / X/Y Axis
  • 4020 :4000*2000mm/ X/Y Axis
  • 6020 :6000*2000mm/ X/Y Axis